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My first knitting project

Hi, welcome to my first blog!

I have decided to write one to keep an update on my knitting projects.

First project ever: Baby Layette Jacket in yellow/cream colour for a new born baby due in January. Not sure if it will still go to the same baby as it was meant for a relative of my step son’s wife … but they are know separating!

Anyway, so far I have completed the back … and all is good. Thanks to the advice from some fellow knitters at Ravelry on what to do!

Now I have progressed to the sleeves and not doing so well.

Started fine, however as I needed to increase the number of stitches – patter says make 1 at the end of every third row – I have made a few mistakes and last night I have taken it apart:

– Mistake 1: not sure why but every new stitch is also displaying a hole and not looking very tidy

– Mistake 2: somehow I have not been increasing every third row as all the new stitches have appeared on the same side rather than being equally spread on both sides.

The project has been progressing quite well on a few train journeys ot the office and some waiting in the hospital for my physio for my broker wrist and a few times in the evenings.

Once I work out how to do it, I will also post some pictures.


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