Such along time!!!

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Time is flying by and I have not been writing since February … it does not seem possible that it is June already.

So many things have happened in the last few months!!

First of all I lost my job. This was quite sudden and a bit of a shock to say the least!!

Fortunately I had 1 month garden leave to find a new job, and I have found a nice job very close to home, 9 – 5 which allows me to get home at about 5.30pm latest! Furthermore I am allowed to wear casual clothing so I ride to work nearly every day, weather permitting.

I have also started to do some exercise and once a week ride my bicycle to work, about 26 miles round trip and hubby and I have started to go swimming at least once a week. Hopefully I will see some improvements soon!

The garden has developed in the last few months. The veg patch is up and running. When it was time for rotivating I still did not have a new job so we decided not to spend the money to hire a rotivator and we did it by hand. It was such a hard work!!!

At the moment we are having lettuce and radish, the cucumber plants nearly died when I moved them out form the green house whilst the courgette plants completely died! I have now replaced the latter with some bought shop plants but I think it will be a long time before we will get any veggies! Fortunately the tomatoes are doing really well!

We had a few problems with the strawberries to start with; this year we were prepared for the slugs so no problems there, however we were not expecting the birds to eat all of them. We have now solved the problems with some bird netting and had the first bowls of delicious sweet fruits!

We have also covered the cherry tree with some bird netting and hopefully this year we will taste our cherries as for the last 2 years we have not yet had any.

Lots of things have progressed with my knitting.

After finishing the hat for my hubby I decided to make him a matching scarf. It took me ages and I got very bored with it! Now that is finished though looks really good!

Whilst I was working on the scarf, I also made a top for my god daughter, in a beautiful orange/yellow/cream cotton. I have not yet seen her wearing but hopefully it will fit her just fine.

In the last few months I have also discovered that 3 of my close friends are expecting babies, so I have started knitting for the new arrivals. They are all due between November and January so winter knitting for new born babies.

So far I have completed the first hat and matching mittens and they look really really cute. I have now started on the second set and I am really enjoying doing them as they are very quick.

I have also found a nice pattern for a bolero to make with some mohair wool that I bought for myself last winter. I will be starting on this soon so that I have it ready for the winter.

I think that’s all for the time being and I must write more frequently.


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A great weekend for many reasons!

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