January … time to relax??

I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post.

On the knitting front things did not go quite according to plans as I did not finish all my Christmas present projects. I did add a new hat which was not planned for but I got bored with the Boy Sweater and I needed a break from it. I knitted a very pretty lacy girly hat in about 1 week.

On the plus side I started to give away some of my presents and they were so well received … I was so so happy!

The hooded jumper fitted perfectly the 2yr old toddlers I made it for, even though I was really worried that it may have been too small.

The baby jacket was also well received from the mum-to-be. Since I have given it, I am very pleased to say that the new baby girl has arrived and they are all doing fine.

The other pressies were for a brother and sister, and since I did not finish one of them, I did not give either out at Christmas. However their birthdays are in January so I am using them as birthday presents. Last night I gave the one piece jumper and the girly hat to my 5 yrs old god-daughter and they fitted her perfectly!

At the moment I am still finishing the Boy Sweater, I simply have to finish sewing everything together, and it will then be ready for his birthday at the end of the month.

I have also started a new project. Just before Christmas I bought some dark violet / purple mohair and wool mix and I am knitting a beret in a lacy type pattern. It is progressing very very slowly. It is my first project working with 4 needles and I am finding the yarn very difficult to work with!


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Quick update

The new jumper is progressing well.

I have completed the back and started on the front. This is progressing quite well.

I am very pleased with my knitting and now getting a bit bored with simple stockinette stitches. Last month, I bought some mohair mix yarn in pale green / cream and I have been looking for patterns to do a shrug / cardi for myself and I have found a very nice lace pattern and getting excited about it!

In the new year, after having completed hte various Xmas pesents I am working on, I will knit a jumper for my hubby … I may look for a pattern with some cabling or slightly different to keep it exciting!

I now have planned for 2 more kids pressies, one for a girl aged 6 and one for a boy aged 12. I may do a hat and gloves for her and a nice hat & scarf combination for him. I have not yet worked on rounds with circular or dpn so it will be challenging!

First I need to complete the jumper I am working on … I know that if I start another project this one will probably not get finished!

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Links for Rorina





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A quick progress report

Juts over 10 days in my new project, the raglan sweater, and I was not happy!

The pattern was designed for a different weight yarn and I was modifying this to fit my yarn (I bought the yarn prior to finding the pattern). I completed the back and was about to start on the front, when I looked at the shape of the back and I was not happy with it.

I frogged it!!

I have started again with a different pattern, still using the same yarn. The gauge of this one is the same as the yarn I am using so I do not really need to make any calculations!

The other passions:

  • Biking – We picked up the bike last weekend! She is beautiful … we named her Sunshine because of her beautiful yellow colour! Hubby and I shared the ride home and she felt really good! On the Sunday we went out for a quick ride, just for 1 hour and got back just in time before the rain started. My wrist was hurting a bit after and I was pleased to get back home, not sure I could have gone much further. Guess this is the perfect incentive to ensure I carry on doing my physio exercises to strengthen it!
  • Gardening – Nothing much … or better nothing at all in the last few months! We still have some lettuce in the veg patch which we pick and eat. Nothing has come of the spinach and lamb’s lettuce seeds I put in the ground. Let’s hope that some of them germinate so that we can have some veggies this spring time!

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Very successful weekend!

The weekend just gone was very successful in many ways!!!

First of all I have bought a new bike! My hubby and I replied an ad we saw in our local free-ads paper for a yellow VFR and we went to look at it. We had no intentions of buying a bike as yet as we were thinking of waiting until next spring … however when we saw it I just had a big big grin on my face and we decided to buy it!

It is another Honda VFR, one year younger than my previous one which was written off in August. This time is yellow, a beautiful shade and in immaculate conditions with under 18K miles on the clock! We are going to take it out for a test ride next Saturday and hopefully taking it home soon (well, as soon as one of my step sons has moved out his bike form our garage!)

It was a very successful knitting weekend as well! I have completed the green jumper I was working on. The sewing was so minimal and because of the chunky yarn it was very quick and easy! This time I made no mistake so I did not have to undo any of it!!

Now I have started my next project, a raglan sweater for a 9 yrs old boy, another Christmas present!

Over the weekend, Dave and I went to a knitting fair in Brighton. It was so nice, with so many lovely wools!

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10 days … and so much knitting!!

Well, in the last 10 days the knitting has progressed, though not as much as previously as now I am commuting again by car!

Sometimes last week in the evening I have completed the baby jacket. The 5 buttons are attached and now all it needs it a good wash and iron. I will then take some pictures before I give it to Lucy for her baby girl.

The hooded jumper is also finished! I finished the hood on the 21st on the way home on the train and over various evenings I sew it all together. This was a very hard task again, with lots of doing and undoing! At the end I did not attach the pocket; I sew it on but it was not in the centre … and after taking it off I decided that it did not really need a pocket so I did not put it on!

Last week I have also started my new project, another baby jumper! This time for my 4 yrs old God-daughter. The yarn is a bulky green with a metallic line which changes colour, form pink to blue, via orange, salmon, yellow…. the yarn is very very light and soft and the finished effect is beautiful!! The pattern is fairly easy and it includes very little sewing, only the underarm seams!!! The jumper is built in one piece starting from one cuff and finishing at the other cuff so it is vertical rather than horizontal!

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Hooded jumper – hood completed (Maglia con cappuccio – cappuccio finito)

Well, not quite but only 1 more row and then bind off!

I found this quite challenging … mainly in picking up the stitches firstly from the next and secondly on the front of the hood as they were both picking up from a round shape to go on a straight needle! I found that towards of the row, the beginning was really stretching! Once I worked the first few rows than it was no longer a problem as I was working more on a straight than a round!

Should be able to finish the hood tonight on the way home and this morning I have also finished the pocket. What is then left to do is the sewing bit … though it should not be too much!

Beh, quasi finito! Mi manca soltanto piú un ferro e la chiusura e poi é finito!

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