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Knitting and gardening are progressing

I have not spoken about my garden and veg patch for a while; springtime is almost here and my hands are starting to get dirty of soil again for the new season.

Over the last few weeks I have done some weeding in the flower beds at the front of the house, cleaned the strawberry plants and pruned various flowers. I have also done some jobs I should have done in October, such as spreading manure on everything, from the asparagus to the strawberries, all the flower beds and around the various plants. Lots of my bulbs have started to come out already and, as the manure was fresh, I do hope the green tender shoots do not get ‘burnt’.

I still have various sacks of manure I have collected from a nearby farm to put to mature so that I can spread it on the veg patch and rotivate into the ground in April.

The winter lettuces are just forming their heads and I will soon be ready to pick them … delicious!

Knitting is also progressing.

The current project is the *cashmere ribbed hat* for my husband. As I do not have round needles in the correct size I have started straight away on DPS and it is becoming a very slow project!

Also, I have had to undo it a few times as I kept making it too big … now I am a bit worried it will be a bit too small!


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A quick progress report

Juts over 10 days in my new project, the raglan sweater, and I was not happy!

The pattern was designed for a different weight yarn and I was modifying this to fit my yarn (I bought the yarn prior to finding the pattern). I completed the back and was about to start on the front, when I looked at the shape of the back and I was not happy with it.

I frogged it!!

I have started again with a different pattern, still using the same yarn. The gauge of this one is the same as the yarn I am using so I do not really need to make any calculations!

The other passions:

  • Biking – We picked up the bike last weekend! She is beautiful … we named her Sunshine because of her beautiful yellow colour! Hubby and I shared the ride home and she felt really good! On the Sunday we went out for a quick ride, just for 1 hour and got back just in time before the rain started. My wrist was hurting a bit after and I was pleased to get back home, not sure I could have gone much further. Guess this is the perfect incentive to ensure I carry on doing my physio exercises to strengthen it!
  • Gardening – Nothing much … or better nothing at all in the last few months! We still have some lettuce in the veg patch which we pick and eat. Nothing has come of the spinach and lamb’s lettuce seeds I put in the ground. Let’s hope that some of them germinate so that we can have some veggies this spring time!

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Knitting progressing … gardening is not.

The baby layette jacket is so so nearly finished … only the buttons are missing!

At the weekend I did all the sewing … sides and sleeves. It did take me a long time, lots of doing and un-picking and re-doing again … but I finished i on Sunday night and also attached the 1st button.

Not happy with it, I will take it off and do it again. Once done, all it will need it a quick wash and some pictures!

The hooded jumper is also progressing well. This morning I started the hood … again after a few false starts, firstly in picking up the correct number of stitches in the neck, then increasing them at the right spaces … but it is now well under way! I am so pleased this one will require much less sewing!

Last night I have also selected the yarns for my next 2 projects:

– Another hooded jumper in black as a Christmas present for a 9 yrs old boy

– Not sure what pattern, but the yarn is a beautiful chunky green wool mix with a coloured metallic line running thru’. This will be a Christmas present for a 5 yrs old girl.

Even thought the weekend was good, I spent no time at all in the garden! Now it will be a few weeks before I can dedicate some times to it … oh well, never mind!

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Tomatoes are up

One other big hobby I have is gardening and this year for the first time we have a veg patch in the back garden.

As it was my first year, I was very pleased with the results and I have also taken some notes on what to do differently next year.

At the weekend I have taken advantage of the beautiful weather and have done some work outside:

– Collected the last set of French beans and removed the plants. This was the 3rd set of plants and overall we had a very good production throughout from the beginning of August onwards.

– Collected the few tomatoes and removed the plants. Tomatoes were not very successful at all. We were late and planing them outside and due to the poor sunshine over the summer they only started to ripen towards the end of September and they were not very sweet at all. Also, whilst we were around in the first part of the summer I managed to keep them blight free, however they were completely black when we returned from our 2 weeks holiday in September!

The winter & lamb’s lettuce and the spinach are growing nicely, awaiting next February and March for them ot be ready o be harvested.

Still ready to be picked before hte winter comes we have:

– Lamb’s lettuce

– Gem’s lettuce

– Chicory

– Chard

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