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A great weekend for many reasons!

First of all, it was Valentine’s weekend and I had a fantastic time with my lovely hubby!

Finally the weather has improved and on Sunday it was dry, warm …ish and not windy: perfect for the first bike ride of the year!

I had forgotten how fantastic is to be out on the road, just enjoying the freedom of my bike! The new VFR is perfect, the right size, the right positino, the right power … I am so pleased I have another one! Now I am simply looking forward to better weather for more rides.

Hubby and I left home for a short ride as we were not sure how well my right wrist would behave as it was only the second time I had been out since last year’s accident and the first itme this year.

The final destination was Tunbridge Well for a nice cuppa, but the long way round. The ride took us on our local road – the B2096 Heathfield to Battle – towards Battle. We then picked up the A21 all the way to TW, for a mixture of nice long bends and some dual carriageway. We took it nice and easy, just over 30 miles in about 50 minutes.

I was riding in front at the start to set the pace at my own level. Hubby took over after a short while; it is always a pleasure to have him riding in front of me for several reasons: firstly and foremost I love watching him and he looks really sexy on the bike … but on a more serious note I always learn something new watching him, from the lines he takes to the way he overtakes, to his observations and lifesavers. A very useful reminder and refresher lesson on good riding!

My main worry was to feel pain in my wrist, as mentioned already, and general discomfort and back pain after not having been on the bike for so long … however not of it, the bike felt just perfect! The only minor hitch was some pain in my left wrist (bizarrely enough the ‘good’ one) every time I was pulling in the clutch.

Javabean, the coffee shop in TW high street we wanted to go, was shut (a real shame as they make fantastic coffee) so we ended up for a not so good pizza at Pizza Express. They were very very busy so that may have been the reason.

The return home was much more direct on the A267. Hubby rode at the front for most of the time, whilst I was lagging behind as by now my left wrist was really hurting at every gear change. Still hurting today … hopefully it will go soon.

Once arrived home, we went out for some more riding, of a different sort. We went down the Cuckoo trail with the push bikes to give the dogs a good run. We left Horam towards Polegate. Not sure how far we went, but we were out riding for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was so nice not to have to rush around to get stuff done before dark as at 5 it was still nice a and bright!

I have completed the ribbed cashmere hat for my hubby and I am very pleased with it. As soon as I get a chance to take some pics I will upload them. On Saturday I was very lucky, hubby and I went to London to the theatre – we went to see The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie; really really good, a must see for anybody looking for something different from the usual musical – and as the journey is 1 20 minutes each way I progressed really well!

Once change I am pleased I made was to reduce the length before the decreases. The pattern called for 10 inches, however at 8 inches I felt it was long enough and I started the decrease rounds; the length is now perfect!

One thing I will definitely do different next time is to use circular needles where possible rather than DPNs throughout as the joining stitches between needles are very long and loose. Also, I was finding working with 6 needles very fiddling and time consuming!
All is left now is to give it a good wash!


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Purple Hat

On Saturday night I have frogged te purple hat and started again.

I made a few mistakes:

  • I kept dropping stitches on the other needles where I was not working on them
  • It was far too big. I tried to work out the gauge before starting but I nust have got it completely wrong! It was absolutely huge!

Because of the type of yarn, some of it at the beginning became ruined and I had to throw it away … as I have only 1 skein of it I really do hope it will be enough!

The original patten I decided to follow was:

Round 1: (K1, YO) repeat to the end
Round 2: Knit

I was finding this very time consuming so I am know working as follows:

Cast on
Work border in 2 x 2 rib for 1 (1.5) inches.
Increase Round: *K2, M1; repeat from * to end.
Rounds 1 – 4: knit
Round 5: K2 tog, YO repeat to the end
Round 6: Knit next round
Rounds 7-10: Repeat rounds 5 & 6 twice more to to have 3 rounds with the yo pattern
Rounds 11 – 15: Knit
Round 12: K2 tog, YO repeat to the end
Round 13: Knit
Round 14: Knit – 1st decrease round
Rounds 15 – 18: knit

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Quick update

The new jumper is progressing well.

I have completed the back and started on the front. This is progressing quite well.

I am very pleased with my knitting and now getting a bit bored with simple stockinette stitches. Last month, I bought some mohair mix yarn in pale green / cream and I have been looking for patterns to do a shrug / cardi for myself and I have found a very nice lace pattern and getting excited about it!

In the new year, after having completed hte various Xmas pesents I am working on, I will knit a jumper for my hubby … I may look for a pattern with some cabling or slightly different to keep it exciting!

I now have planned for 2 more kids pressies, one for a girl aged 6 and one for a boy aged 12. I may do a hat and gloves for her and a nice hat & scarf combination for him. I have not yet worked on rounds with circular or dpn so it will be challenging!

First I need to complete the jumper I am working on … I know that if I start another project this one will probably not get finished!

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10 days … and so much knitting!!

Well, in the last 10 days the knitting has progressed, though not as much as previously as now I am commuting again by car!

Sometimes last week in the evening I have completed the baby jacket. The 5 buttons are attached and now all it needs it a good wash and iron. I will then take some pictures before I give it to Lucy for her baby girl.

The hooded jumper is also finished! I finished the hood on the 21st on the way home on the train and over various evenings I sew it all together. This was a very hard task again, with lots of doing and undoing! At the end I did not attach the pocket; I sew it on but it was not in the centre … and after taking it off I decided that it did not really need a pocket so I did not put it on!

Last week I have also started my new project, another baby jumper! This time for my 4 yrs old God-daughter. The yarn is a bulky green with a metallic line which changes colour, form pink to blue, via orange, salmon, yellow…. the yarn is very very light and soft and the finished effect is beautiful!! The pattern is fairly easy and it includes very little sewing, only the underarm seams!!! The jumper is built in one piece starting from one cuff and finishing at the other cuff so it is vertical rather than horizontal!

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Hooded jumper – hood completed (Maglia con cappuccio – cappuccio finito)

Well, not quite but only 1 more row and then bind off!

I found this quite challenging … mainly in picking up the stitches firstly from the next and secondly on the front of the hood as they were both picking up from a round shape to go on a straight needle! I found that towards of the row, the beginning was really stretching! Once I worked the first few rows than it was no longer a problem as I was working more on a straight than a round!

Should be able to finish the hood tonight on the way home and this morning I have also finished the pocket. What is then left to do is the sewing bit … though it should not be too much!

Beh, quasi finito! Mi manca soltanto piú un ferro e la chiusura e poi é finito!

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Knitting progressing … gardening is not.

The baby layette jacket is so so nearly finished … only the buttons are missing!

At the weekend I did all the sewing … sides and sleeves. It did take me a long time, lots of doing and un-picking and re-doing again … but I finished i on Sunday night and also attached the 1st button.

Not happy with it, I will take it off and do it again. Once done, all it will need it a quick wash and some pictures!

The hooded jumper is also progressing well. This morning I started the hood … again after a few false starts, firstly in picking up the correct number of stitches in the neck, then increasing them at the right spaces … but it is now well under way! I am so pleased this one will require much less sewing!

Last night I have also selected the yarns for my next 2 projects:

– Another hooded jumper in black as a Christmas present for a 9 yrs old boy

– Not sure what pattern, but the yarn is a beautiful chunky green wool mix with a coloured metallic line running thru’. This will be a Christmas present for a 5 yrs old girl.

Even thought the weekend was good, I spent no time at all in the garden! Now it will be a few weeks before I can dedicate some times to it … oh well, never mind!

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3 needle bind off

I have learnt a new technique to join the shoulders whilst knitting rather than finishing them separately and then sewing them together. It is FANTASTIC!!!

The finished result is really neat and I do like the fact that there are so fewer loose ends and at the end of the project I will not have all the different bits to put together!

This was a bit tricky to begin with, probably because I was using size 8mm needles … the trick was holding 2 needles with the left hand! The actual binding off though was quite easy and straightforward.

Now that both front and back are finished I have started the first sleeve, unfortunately after knitting 8 rows I had to undo it as I did it wrong … silly me! Well, at least I have noticed early enough and I have almost caught up again.

This jumper is so quick to do!

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